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Featuring the natural cleaning power of citrus, this spray-and-wipe formula cleans and degreases almost any surface from spas and hot tubs to swimming pools, patio furniture and more. It goes to work on the toughest grease and grime quickly and easily, leaving behind nothing but a pleasant citrus scent.




A concentrated cleaner designed to remove build-up above the waterline. Cleanse is specifically designed to work with the Leisure Time Free Sanitizing System.




Cover Care & Conditioner
Cleans, restores and protects spa covers from weathering, fading and discoloration. Specailly formulated with a UV protectant.




Cover Wipes
A whole new level of spa care convenience from Leisure Time, these innovative wipes clean and condition a vinyl spa cover in one simple step. Their unique quilted design deeply cleans away dirt and grime, while specially formulated UV Blockers provide maximum protection from the damaging rays of the sun.




Dirty Duck Water Cleaner
Prevents scum line formation and reduces filter clogging by removing oils and lotions in the water. Absorbs 40 times its weight in oils, lotions and cosmetics.




Fast Gloss
A polish and cleaner made from reactive silicones that meets the performance requirements of today: durability, depth of gloss, water repellency, easy application and buffing without streaking or smearing.




Filter Clean New and Improved
Concentrated formula deep cleans filter to remove dirt, oil, grease and scale.




Instant Cartridge Clean
Fast-acting spray & rinse formula with NEW color sray indicator for complete coverage.




Jet Clean
Often, if a spa or jetted tub has problems, the cause is out of sight. Jet Clean prevents such problems by keeping spa and jetted tub plumbing clear of organics, oils, dirt and minerals. By using Jet Clean as part of the Simple Spa Care® Program, spa owners can prevent buildup that could restrict water flow and damage equipment.




Leak Seal
Specially formulated for spas and hot tubs, Leak Seal seals minor leaks in spa surfaces and plumbing. Convenient and easy-to-use, Leak Seal helps maintain your spa's surface and plumbing for years of enjoyment.




Simple Spa Care® Instructional DVD
This easy step-by-step instructional DVD walks you through the how's and why's of complete spa water chemistry. Watch the entire 20-minute program, or select to review start-up procedure, the routine maintenance aspects of the Simple Spa Care® Program, an equipment maintenance overview, or the steps required to drain and refill a spa.

- Introduction to the Simple Spa Care Program
- How to start up a spa with fresh water
- Weekly maintenance
- Equipment maintenance
- Draining & refilling the hot tub
- Safety tips for spa users




Tub Rub
This reusable pad safely and quickly wipes away grime from tile, vinyl, fiberglass and other spa surfaces. Use with or without liquid cleaning solutions. Use as an applicator for surface maintenance products.





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