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Hydromassage Let the Water Tame You

Solana TX SpaThe therapeutic use of warm water, known as hydromassage, is a proven, natural remedy. Warm water, combined with buoyancy and pressure, creates an experience that is both rejuvenating and soothing. Whether it’s to unwind from all the complexities of everyday life, to wash away muscle and joint pain caused by sports or arthritis, or to help you sleep more restfully, your Tiger River spa uses hydromassage to help you relax and feel better. And it’s fun! An invigorating, soothing spa is the perfect place to bring your family together to reconnect and talk about the day!

From a Purr to a Roar
From a gentle, comforting caress to a powerful and invigorating massage, you can customize your spa experience with a variety of jets in your Tiger River spa. Hydromassage jets rejuvenate sore muscles and can soothe arthritis pain. Direct their powerful, healing warm water and air to where it’s needed most with the interchangeable, directional, flow-enhanced nozzle, or the dual-port rotary nozzle for a pulsating jet action. Precision® jets deliver a firm, finger-like pressure. And our high-powered, high-output JetStream® jet penetrates deeply with its invigorating massage action. Jet-Cluster™ systems are groups of jets that concentrate soothing power to the muscle groups in your back and shoulders — the areas that most often store tension. Each spa offers a variety of Jet-Cluster systems, so you can eliminate stress with a deep, masseuse-style back rub, or ease tension with a more gentle caress. And after a long day, our FootWell® system removes miles off your tired feet.





A Shell that’s Warm and Comfortable Like a Tiger’s Den

Solana SX SpaStretch out on a full-length lounge or nestle yourself in sculpted comfort seating with cushioned headrests. Our multi-level design, including the Upper Deck cool down seat in the Siberian® spa, accommodates adults and children of varying sizes and lets you enjoy a full-immersion experience. The contemporary styling od each Tiger River® spa is beautifully accented by a soothing blue, extra large, 4-position dimmer-controlled light. This unique LED light uses far less energy than a standard light bulb and is rated to provide up to 100,000 hours (over ten years) of illumination before requiring replacement. The optional Luminescence™ multi-color LED lighting system lets you select the color you prefer inside your spa to set your mood and spa aglow; while the optional Clarion™ LED external lighting kit adds a special ambiance to the spa’s exterior.

Components that are Bred for Endurance
Look beyond its artful design and you’ll find your Tiger River spa is all muscle with reliable efficient and durable components. The No-Fault® heater is unlike any other. It is corrosion-resistant because the heating element is housed by an 825 Incolloy sheath, while the water tube is made of non-welded 316-L stainless steel. And it also lasts longer because it runs cooler due to low watt-density. You’ll enjoy peace of mind because your heater warranty is valid for 5 years, regardless of water chemistry. Tiger River spa technology maximizes energy efficiency too. The No-Fault heater is specifically designed to work in harmony with our circulation pump, transferring heat efficiently. Dedicated jet and circulation pumps use only the energy needed. The low-amp SilentFlo 5000® circulation pump draws less energy than a 75-watt light bulb. The Wavemaster® jet pump delivers a powerful flow in all Tiger River spas. Models with the HP symbol have even higher-horsepower pumps to power additional jets and water features. A patented pump shroud vents heat from the equipment compartment, creating a cooler working environment for your spa’s hard-working components. And an exclusive warm air induction system directs heated air into the spa’s water, slowing the water’s cool down rate and saving energy.





Advanced Controls for Instinctive Ease

Sophisticated design, simple operation. Your Tiger River spa is controlled by the advanced electronic circuitry of the IQ2020™ spa control system. You select your desired temperature on a user-friendly control panel and the system does the rest. Because the heating and filtration are automatic, no programming is required — just “set it and forget it.” For added security, lock in your desired temperature and keep uninvited users out simply by entering a touch code — no keys to lose. With the push of a button you can activate a clean-up cycle that shuts off automatically after 10 minutes. The stylish control panel features a reversible LED display. And for even greater convenience, the optional Navigator™ deluxe remote control lets you operate the spa’s electronic functions while you sit back and relax.

Even Water Care is a Breeze
You can always count on clean, hot water in your Tiger River spa. Although you won’t hear it running, the cleaning system in your Tiger River spa is always on the prowl with a continuous filtration system, so there’s no need to plan your spa usage around the long cleaning and heating cycles other spas require. Top enhance your water care routine, cosider the optional EverFresh® system. It offers a more natural approach to sparkling clean water by combining the cleaning power of ozone with the ongoing protection of silver ions. The FreshStart® 10,000 pre-filter attaches to your garden hose, removing rust, dirt, detergents, algae and chemicals when you fill your spa. The FreshWater® III high output ozone system uses a Corona Discharge cell to continuously generate a high concentraion of ozone. The FreshWater Ag+® continuous silver ion purifier introduces silver ions into the spa water, inhibiting bacteria growth. And our chlorine-free oxidizer activates the silver ions to refresh and brighten spa water.



Self-Reliant Design Makes Enjoying Your Spa Easy

Each of our optional cover removal systems increases the life and maintains the look of your cover because it will never be stored on the ground. The CoverCradle®, our most sophisticated system, utilizes dual pneumatic gas springs to gently glide the cover into place. Other designs includes the CoverCradle® II, GlideRite® and Lift’n Glide™ systems. And the UpRite® system, designed specifically for low-clearance areas such as decks and gazebos, stores vertically to minimize space requirements.

Getting Started is Simple
Your Tiger River® spa is just as easy to set up as it is to own. Because it’s above ground and fully self-contained, there’s no expensive construction or plumbing required. In addition, the Bengal® and Sumatran® models operate on 115 volts, so there’s no need for hard wiring and electrical hook-up costs are minimized. Of course, if your situation calls for it, the sophisticated IQ2020™ spa control system allows these models to operate on 230 volts as well.





Tiger River spas are from Watkins Manufacturing, maker of Hot Spring® spas,
the world’s number one selling brand.

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