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July 26,2004- David Letterman has pulled off yet another unbelievable event for his Late Show watchers and a Splash Alpha Pool was at the heart of it. A 5' deep, 17' x 78' Splash pool (50,000 gallons) was set up on 53rd Street in downtown Manhattan for the Women's US Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team to do one of their last exhibitions before leaving for the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece. Splash is proud to be a part of supporting the Olympic teams of the US! (Interesting note; the pool was set up, filled, and the water heated to 86 degrees for the team. They practiced, filmed the show and we drained the pool, disassembled it and had the street back open in 17 hours from start to finish.)

Pool Models

The TadPool is the perfect pool for families with infants or toddlers. It introduces children to the pleasures of cool water on a hot summer day, a pleasure that mom and dad will also appreciate. Unlike most kiddie type pools, the TadPool comes with a pump and filtration system of its own. All Splash pools are portable, but because of its small size the TadPool can easily be emptied, moved, or refilled. But above all, it comes with a 5 year warranty. The Splash TadPool: splashing smiles on water babies everywhere.

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Like your children, our line of Splash SuperPools grow in size as well, offering the GenesisPool. Ideal for younger children, the GenesisPool is 3 feet high but is big enough to include mom and dad. The GenesisPool comes complete with the SplashLadder, making the GenesisPool the best pool of its size on the market today.

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Available in more sizes than any other 4 foot pool on the market today, the Splash SuperPool® is designed to resist the super activities of adults and even children, making it the perfect pool for any size family. The SuperPool is constructed of a durable polyester cord reinforced liner and a rugged, galvanized, steel support structure. The SuperPool comes standard with the SplashLadder, allowing your family and friends easy access to summer enjoyment. The Splash SuperPool® is the perfect way to keep you cool, no matter how high the heat index goes.

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Splash makes the waves go round with the addition of the 4 foot deep OmegaPools®. Like their rectangular counterparts, the OmegaPools® not only assemble and disassemble in a snap but feature a durable, rust-resistant, powder-coated/galvanized steel support system. The popularity of the round pool, combined with the unsurpassed quality of Splash for those who prefer to splash around and around. Just like a circle, the fun never ends.

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Splash continues to lead the market in above ground pool design with the AlphaPool. The only 5 foot deep pool of its kind, the AlphaPool is available in 4 different sizes and is the deepest above ground pool in the industry today. Splash customers have always been able to Splash around in one of the best pools on the market, now they can splash around in the deepest.

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