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A Hot Spot® spa is always ready for you.

Just settle in, soak up the warmth, and relax as aches and stress disappear. You’ll feel even better knowing your high-quality spa is from the makers of Hot Spring® spas — the world’s number-one selling brand.

It’s and affordable luxury that brings enjoyment any time of the day. Start with a morning eye-opener. Enjoy a post-workout refresher. Reconnect with loved ones after a busy day. Or relax just before going to sleep.

As the hot water raises your body temperature, blood vessels dilate and circulation increases. The water’s buoyancy significantly reduces body weight, relieving pressure on joints and muscles.

Our hydromassage jets direct a soothing mixture of air and water towards tight muscles, relaxing them. Cushion your head with a pillow in the Mallorca™ or Trinidad™ model. Feel the comfort of a full neck and back massage with our Jet-Cluster™ systems. Focus the attention on your feet after a hard day. Adjustable jets let you direct air and water to just the right places, and you can adjust the pressure with the Comfort Control® system.

Once you own a Hot Spot spa, you’ll wonder how you got through the day without it.

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Every detail of a Hot Spot® spa is thoughtfully designed for comfort, convenience and hassle-free ownership.

A strong pump powers the spa’s jets. For maximum performance, our Wavemaster® pump is matched perfectly with the spa’s jet and plumbing systems. The right pump provides the right amount of power for deep, satisfying massages year after year with quiet, efficient operation.

Inefficient plumbing can rob power from even the most effective pumps. Hot Spot spas are carefully engineered to minimize obstructive bends and roundabout plumbing, assuring maximum water flow with the least amount of energy. And a patented pump shroud vents heat away from the equipment compartment, creating a cooler working environment for your spa’s hard working components.

Our proven, high-quality No-Fault® heater is equally dependable and efficient, keeping the spa water hot so you can enjoy a relaxing soak any time you want. The heater is backed by our exclusive one-year No-Fault® warranty, which is valid with no exclusions for water chemistry.

Ready to relax? Set the water temperature or activate the jets and light by pressing the sleek electronic control panel featuring the IQ 2020™ spa control system. Just set it and forget it!





In a Hot Spot® spa, the water starts off sparkling clean with the optional FreshStart® 10,000 pre-filter. Attach it to your garden hose when you fill your spa to filter out rust, dirt, detergents, algae and chemicals.

Spa water stays clear, fresh and inviting with our floating skimmer system. The efficient skimmer quickly pulls debris and oil away from you and into the filter. The filter cartridge is out of the way, yet still very accessible for easy cleaning. The jet pump runs at low speed during routine automatic filter cycles to keep the water clean.

Our optional FreshWater continuous silver ion purifier offers more natural water care by releasing silver ions, which work with an oxidizer to eliminate bacteria on contact. And our optional FreshWater® III high output ozone system uses a Corona Discharge cell to continuously generate a high concentration of ozone.

These thoughtful features mean you’ll spend less time maintaining your Hot Spot spa and more time enjoying it.

Solana RX Spa







Hot Spot® spas are fully insulated for heat retention, so they’re easy on your wallet. Polyurethane foam keeps heat in and cold out. The insulated thermal cover is structurally strong and vapor-tight, built with marine-grade vinyl, and tapered to ensure water run-off. It also has locking straps for safety and security. A Hot Spot spa is always hot and inviting, so you can enjoy a steaming, bubbling massage whenever you want.

The attractive acrylic shell surface is reinforced with two layers of fiberglass. A sturdy, pressure-treated pedestal supports the spa, and a plastic moisture barrier seals the base. Each spa is rigorously inspected and must pass multiple quality tests. All this attention to detail means that your Hot Spot spa will provide you with years of carefree use. From its powerful jets and high-grade components to its top-quality construction, a Hot Spot spa is an affordable luxury for everyday enjoyment. Why wait?

Make the right choice. A Hot Spot spa. And relax.





Hot Spot spas are from Watkins Manufacturing, maker of Hot Spring ® spas,
the world’s number one selling brand.

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